HERMETIC™ Flake Flooring System


The HERMETIC™ Flake Flooring System is a durable, seamless, chemical resistant floor providing adjustable levels of slight texture and color to match any design theme or surroundings. This aesthetic floor includes multi-colored vinyl flakes (size options available) imbedded and fused between product layers providing an appealing look and increase slip resistance.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Ease of maintenance
  2. Aesthetic improvements
  3. Hygienic seamless finish
  4. Hard and abrasion resistant
  5. VOC free – CA 01350 air quality compliant
  6. Stain and chemical resistant
  7. Anti-microbial
  8. Satin or gloss finish
  9. Fast set available for quicker turnaround time
  10. Special colors can match design or preferred colors
  11. Meets or exceeds ADA, USDA & NFPA ‘COF’ requirements

Common Uses:

    • Grocery stores
    • Airports
    • Showrooms
    • Retail
    • Fire, rescue & EMS
    • Marijuana dispensary, grow & retail
    • Amusement/theme parks
    • Hospitality
    • Hospitals
    • Educational
    • Automobile showrooms
    • Garage floors